Michael Jackson’s Mother Exploits her Dead Son’s Image

Lawyers to the Michael Jackson estate recently stirred up controversy when they started a very public battle to keep Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson and her business partner, Howard Mann from using Michael’s image to make money.

Katherine and Mann have worked together on several recent “projects” including a book “Never Can Say Goodbye” and the Jackson’s Secret Vault website that is basically selling Michael books, CD’s and DVDs. Lawyers of Michael Jackson’s estate are furious and have sent a cease and desist letter to Mann in hopes of preventing future exploitative attempts from his mother to make money off her dead son’s name.

Coincidentally it appears that Katherine Jackson is already receiving more than $26,000 a month from Michael”s estate and has been recently reported to have been unsatisfied with this amount and is now complaining that she wants more money. It is also a known fact that Katherine also signed a contact with Vintage Pop Media which is a large scale company that owns a great deal of Michael memorabilia. The contract stated that Katherine Jackson would pen the a fore mentioned book “Can Never Say Goodbye” and that she would also participate in the making of a documentary produced by the company.  This company is giving her a MINIMUM of $10,000 dollars a month in revenue with no listed stop date.

This Blogger’s Opinion:

It never fails to surprise us when we hear that someone is attempting to exploit Michael Jackson’s name and image to create profit. It is however oddly strange that the person doing it would be his mother. Michael Jackson was a legend and hasn’t been gone for even a few years yet and instead of grieving and moving on with her life and family, Katherine Jackson is interfering with the future welfare of Michael’s three children by milking as much money from her deceased son’s estate as humanly possible, money that in all actuality she has no business having.

I understand the woman is his mother but with several other successful children and business ventures you would think that she would have other sources of revenue besides Michael’s estate. It just seems as though Katherine Jackson is a heartless money hungry woman who cares less about her own grandchildren than she does about getting a free ride. She is essentially trying to live the life of luxury by living off the revenue made by her dead son’s name.

It’s sad to say but it seems as though things will not change in the near future. Michael’s estate lawyers are desperately trying to clear up the debt surrounding the estate in hopes of providing his children an outlet for financial security in the future. It is my sincerest hope that Katherine Jackson will take the opportunity to evaluate her life and consider focusing on her lack of skills as a parent and grandparent and less on becoming rich by exploiting Michael’s legacy and name.

Resources You May Find Interesting:

-Click HERE for a copy of the contract between Katherine and VPM

-Click HERE for a copy of the Cease and Desist letter from MJ’s attorneys.

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