The Rules of Regifting

Regifting is one of those Christmas faux pas that everyone does and no one talks about. It is a practice that is widely frowned upon but oddly that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Regifting however doesn’t have to be that slap in the face insult that everyone thinks it is. There are a few ways to pull off the infamous regift without insulting your friends and looking like a cheapskate.

Rule #1 – If you REgift, REwrap!

Everyone gets presents that they do not want and sometimes when we get desperate for a last minute gift for someone you forgot then regifting may be your only option in a pinch. Many people will store their unused presents in their original packaging (gift bag, box, etc.) If this is the case make sure you update the packaging so your secret is not discovered. Three telltale signs of recycled gifts are dust, dents and outdated packaging.  If your going to regift it,  wipe the box down and rewrap it with new paper and ribbons or, at the very least put it in a new gift bag with a new tag!

Rule #2 If you have used it, don’t regift it.

There are a few cheapskates who give all regifters a bad name and they usually do this by giving gifts that they have already used. There is nothing wrong with giving your sister in law a few cd’s that you don’t want anymore but not if you are trying to disguise it as a new gift. This is especially true for things that you have had around your house. You may not want those beautiful sconces any more but if your giftee recognizes that they were once in your living room you may be in trouble!

Rule #3 -Keep a list.

If you get some less than desirable presents that may be eligible for regifting, make sure you remember who gave them to you so you avoid the catastrophe of regifting the item back to them. This can easily be accomplished by simply writing down what you got and who gave it to you so you can consult it later on when making a last minute regift decision.

Rule #4 – Avoid regifting from the bad gifts list.

There are certain items that are horrible enough when you get them, keep yourself out of hot water by stopping the cycle and not passing these items along.  Her is a brief list of items to avoid.

– Old Unused Candles (they usually smell horrible)

– Bargain Gift Sets (If they were cheap, they probably look like it)

– Decorative Figurines (They are just tacky.)

-Ugly Jewelery Gift Sets

-Fruitcake (Just don’t. Trust me.)

Rule #5 – Donate or SELL what you can’t regift.

Sometimes you just can’t regift something because no one you know would want that item. If this is the case just rid yourself of the item all together. The easiest way to do this is to donate it. Simply give it away or give it to an organization looking for unused presents. The other way to rid yourself of ungiftable items is to sell it. EBAY is a great forum for people looking to sell they’re unused items and there is absolutely no angry holiday backlash. It’s definitely worth a try.

While regifting can be tacky, it doesn’t have to be. Just remember to do it tastefully and keep your mouth shut. If no one knows but you then you’ve achieved your mission.

And just for fun try this out, it’s called Regifting Robin it’s a computer site that reads your mind! Check it out HERE

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