Christmas Traditions for the Kids

Every family has it’s own set of quirky holiday traditions but for new parent’s just starting their families, sometimes the part that’s the most fun is starting the traditions. Here is the list of our top five suggestions for Christmas traditions to start for your children.

#5 Convince your children of the Christmas elves.

This one is relatively simple and can be a lot of fun for both you and the kids. Go to the local craft store and purchase a couple of very small stockings (one for each of your kids) that can easily be hung as oversized decorations. Five or six days before Christmas make up a story about a Christmas elf who spreads Christmas cheer by bringing little presents to children and tell them to check their stockings every morning. After they go to bed each night place a small item in their miniature stocking for them to find. These items can be candy, toys or trinkets just so long as they are small enough to fit in their stocking. Do this for the next few days except for Christmas eve. When the kids wake up on Christmas morning their tiny stockings should be gone and replaced by Santa’s stockings.

#4 Create the Reindeer Runway

Everyone knows that Santa lands on the roof so that he can go down the chimney but what about the houses that don’t have chimneys? There’s no point to landing up there if you have to come through the front door.  If this is the case for your home make sure the reindeer know where to land by creating them a sparkling runway on your lawn.  In a Ziploc bag or container mix a few cups of dry oats  and a whole container of glitter and shake till it is thoroughly mixed. Give this concoction to your children and tell them to put it in the front yard where they want the reindeer to land. This is especially pretty in areas with snow.

#3 Cookies? Who needs them?

Traditionally most families put out cookies and milk for Santa to snack on before he leaves but what happens when Santa gets tired of cookies. Take turns every year letting one of your children pick out  a new treat for Santa when he comes. It could be some left overs from the fridge or even a baked treat that you and the kids make together. The key is to get them involved and get them excited.

#2 Have a Christmas movie marathon!

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie or special that they enjoy watching. Put all of these titles in a hat and watch a new one each day. This allows all of your children to have some input and it’s a special time for the whole family to settle in to spend some time together.

#3 The tree of growth

Most babies have a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament that is given to them on their first Christmas. It’s something special for the parents so that every year when they decorate the tree they remember that special time. This same principle can be applied to children as they grow. If every year you give them a new ornament or let them pick one new one out, as they get older they will have special memories that they will remember for years to come. For small children sometimes making a new ornament can be a special treat as well.

Christmas is really a time for togetherness and being thankful for your family, make the most of this time by creating warm memories and traditions that will grow as your family does. Your children will remember it all one day and probably pass these traditions down to their children.

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