The Truth About SEO Content

Writing for Search Engine Optimization is one of the most controversial topics in the writing community.  What is SEO writing? Is keyword stuffing important? Does SEO style take away from the overall writing quality of the content? These questions are asked every day in a variety of forums are are met with biased and unclear answers. So, in an effort to help all business owners, site owners and writers here are the answers you have been looking for.

What is Search Engine Optimization? — The Mystery Revealed.

Search Engine Optimization writing or SEO for short is basically a writing style that involves the strategic use and placement of key words within web site content which dramatically increases it’s visibility with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If used correctly, this style of writing can really help drive traffic to your site and your business.

Is Keyword Stuffing Important?

SEO driven content can be extremely valuable but I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to “keyword stuff” your content.  Experts in this area say if your looking to optimize your content for search engine visibility that you should strive for a keyword density that lands between 2% and 5% depending on which search engines you are looking to appeal to. Google is probably the most popular search engine and probably your best bet for visibility. Unfortunately, Google also has the strictest rules regarding SEO content. They allow a maximum of 2% keyword density.  Yahoo, MSN and other less restrictive sites will accept content at up to a 5% density, so be sure not to go any higher than that.

Does SEO Style Take Away From the Overall Quality of Your Content?

The answer to this question can go both ways. If you write or hire a writer to create content that is optimized for search engines and they provide you with second rate writing that is just filled with keywords, chances are it will hurt the credibility of your content. They key to creating solid SEO content is to make sure that your content is good quality writing with a purpose. If you make sure to only publish content of the highest caliber that only uses keywords where they are truly appropriate you will find that search engines will not only pick up your content but your content will also retain relevance and credibility. Needless key word stuffing only leads to angry viewers when they realize that your content is definitely not what they were looking for.

How to Get Good Quality SEO Content Every Time

If you have never considered hiring a freelance writer to help you and your business further it’s endeavors by way of quality, professional content than maybe it’s time you looked into it.  A professional writer well versed in SEO content writing can be an excellent asset to any company. If you have an upcoming project in mind please see my services list by clicking the “Writing Services” tab at the top of the page or by clicking HERE.

For more information regarding SEO key word densities visit the Web Pro News Blog post on this subject by clicking HERE.

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